rapidmag magnesuim Topical Magnesium Spray

rapidmag magnesium spray

CKS Biomedical are leaders in transdermal supplementation and one of our leading brands is the RapidMag range. We have six RapidMag products in the range:


RapidMag Oil is a topical Magnesium oil which is sprayed on to the skin and gently massaged into the skin. Application of all of our RapidMag products ensures quick and effective absorbtion. Magnesium is a foundation mineral which is needed by the body and is involved in over 300 processes. Magnesium is needed by people of all ages.

rapidmag active


RapidMagActive is the ideal solution for active people. The Magnesium oil is enhanced with DMSO. RapidMag Active helps to boost physical performance and aids in quick muscle recovery.



The RapidMag Premium is a Magnesium based multi vitamin and mineral formula with trace minerals. The magnesium oil is also enhanced with DMSO for more rapid skin absorbtion.



By topically applying the RapidMag GI, stomach irritaion is avoided, making this application the perfect digestive health formula. The RapidMag GI formula contains Magnesium, Zinc, Folic Acid and B Vitamins.

rapidmag foot spray

Foot Spray

The RapidMag Foot Spray has been formulated to provide a natural alternative to alleviate Athletes Foot. There are no side effects with the Magnesium based formula containing DMSO and Vitamin E. The formula is sprayed directly on to the feet.

RapidMag Sport



rapidmag magnesiumMagnesium and metabolism

Every chemical reaction in our body, from temperature regulation to cell formation and muscle and nerve function, depends on enzymes. Magnesium is an activator and component of over 350 enzymes responsible for ensuring problem-free functioning of these reactions.

Magnesium and energy generation

The more magnesium is available, the better the function of our inner power plant – the mitochondria – which produce energy in the form of ATP. It is impossible to deliver peak performance without sufficient magnesium. More magnesium allows athletes to perform better, maintain their energy for longer and recover more quickly. 

Magnesium in bones and teeth

Magnesium is as important for healthy bones and teeth as calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3. It is only through magnesium that bones become truly hard and stable. Consequently, an adequate supply of magnesium is particularly important for children and teenagers, whose bone structure and teeth are developing.

Magnesium for the Aged

Older people benefit from additional intake of magnesium, as our ability to extract minerals from our diet decreases with age. Until recently, it has always been thought that calcium is the most important building block for strong bones. New research has shown however, that magnesium plays a significantly more important role in bone stability than was previously assumed. The body cannot utilise calcium correctly when a magnesium deficiency exists. Healthy bones are dependent on magnesium as well, and not only on calcium, as was previously assumed.

This also applies to teeth. Research has shown that teeth resistant to cavities contain twice as much magnesium as those susceptible to cavities. In this regard, the hardness of teeth is directly dependent on the magnesium concentration of the teeth.

Magnesium and the nervous system

Magnesium plays an important role in the transmission of impulses to muscles and nerves, and in so doing ensures smooth functioning of our entire musculature. This process is used in the production of energy, and translates signals from the brain into actions. 

Magnesium and relaxation

Magnesium and calcium are opposing players in terms of their effects on muscles. While calcium causes a contraction in muscle fibres, magnesium has the effect of relaxing the musculature. Where too much calcium and too little magnesium is present in the cell, twitches and muscle cramps result.

Magnesium and Cardiovascular Health

The smooth musculature is also affected by this. A magnesium deficiency can constrict the muscles in the vascular wall as well as bronchial tubes, causing hypertension or breathing difficulties such as asthmatic attacks. The relaxing effect of magnesium is particularly important in the activity of the heart muscle, that is, in the stimulus conduction in the heart. Magnesium helps prevent the heart from being overloaded, and in so doing supports healthy cardiac activity.

Magnesium and fat burning

Magnesium is not only important for high-performance athletes. It kick-starts the enzymes for reducing fat and at the same time ensures increased endurance.

Magnesium and protein production

Magnesium is indispensable for the production of proteins. Proteins fulfill a range of functions in our body and are vital for a healthy musculature and connective tissue.

External magnesium application

External or transdermal magnesium application (magnesium absorption via the skin) open a new chapter in magnesium supplementation. Although it is easy to administer, as for oral dosage of magnesium, its effectiveness is greater and more reliable, as the digestive system is bypassed. The associated problems such as poor reabsorption or diarrhoea in the case of higher doses are eliminated with external application. DMSO allows rapid skin penetration.

magnesium is important for our health




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